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Membership Levels

Through your membership in the Consolidated Association of Resolute Employers (CARE), you will enjoy health and consumer benefits. 
CARE is extremely conscientious in its efforts to provide quality benefits and services for its members.  We do investigate the  providers of these benefits and services but cannot warrant or guarantee their performance.  Our expectations are that you will be extremely pleased and we would appreciate hearing from you concerning these benefits and services.

You can count on CARE to continuously seek out new benefits to add further value to your membership in the association.  As always, we invite and encourage your suggestions on ways that CARE can be increasingly beneficial to you.


Click on the red links below to learn more about the three different memberships available.


           Associate Membership                      Executive Membership                          Platinum Membership

                         $1/Mo                                                      $4/Mo                                                          $7/Mo


            Health Services                                    Health Services                                       Health Services

            Hearing Service                                    Hearing Service                                      Hearing Service

            Vitamin Discount                                  Vitamin Discount                                   Vitamin Discount

            GymAmerica.com                                 GymAmerica.com                                  GymAmerica.com

            GlobalFit Fitness Program                 GlobalFit Fitness Program                  GlobalFit Fitness Program

                                                                               Gateway Medicard                                Gateway Medicard

                                                                                                                                                  24-Hour Nurse Helpline


            Consumer Services                             Consumer Services                             Consumer Services

            Floral Discounts                                   Floral Discounts                                    Floral Discounts

            HopTheShops.com                             HopTheShops.com                              HopTheShops.com

            Moving Service Discounts                Moving Service Discounts                  Moving Service Discounts

                                                                              Emergency Roadside Assistance     Emergency Roadside Assistance      

                                                                                                                                                  Child ID Card Services  


            Travel Services                                    Travel Services                                       Travel Services

            Association Travel Club                    Association Travel Club                       Association Travel Club

                                                                             Car Rental Discounts                            Car Rental Discounts

                                                                             ITC-50 Discount Hotel Program          ITC-50 Discount Hotel Program

                                                                             Medical Air Travel Assistance             Medical Air Travel Assistance

                                                                   Business Services                                 Business Services

                                                                   Office Supplies Discounts                   Office Supplies Discounts

                                                                   Long Distance Phone Service            Long Distance Phone Service

                                                                   High Speed Dial-up Internet Service High Speed Dial-up Internet Service

                                                                                                                                        Customized Web Services


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